We have 8 Reason  to make Why ISHM to ONLY ISHM


1) ISHM Exclusive PHT - Professional Hotelier Training & Development Program

Exclusive Stay n Learn Programe by ISHM, Only college to do in entire country 


2) ISHM Wine Festival 

Let's go to the valley of grape in Nashik and take a dip in Indi's best winery. lets learn the art of wine making and take a sip.

3) ISHM Exclusive Airport Operation Training 

We are probably the one college in entire east India to provide such an extensive aviation operation training that too in a digest security zone of International Airport. Fasten your seat belt as ISHM brings you the most sought after training in Aviation  

4) Aviation Safety Drills 

Some hero's don't wear cape, and we want you to fit in. Learn the most advance safety demonstration and drills in water and Fire.

5) Heritage Tour

Learn from the streets of India, learn how to guide and organise tour and travel 

6) ISHM World of Spirt Training 

ISHM brings you the sea of spirts and learning them is quite a fun 

7) International Study Program 

ISHM got exclusive tie up with the university in Thailand, Russia, Turkey and Malaysia for cultural and short term programs. We also provide international Placements and On-Job Training in over 17 countries 

8) Hospital Orientation - Heath Hero Program

Visiting Super speciality hospital, meeting city's best surgeons, visiting medical unit, medical camp is a part of ISHM health warriors routine. The shells to to be industry ready

So know you understand that ISHM provide a wide array of training program for its students to make the superior and skilful.