About us

The International School of Hospitality Management (ISHM) under the Kamal Kusum Education Foundation Trust is one of the fastest growing & most promising Hospitality Management Institute in Kolkata. ISHM programs are based on the philosophy that a commitment to excellence and nest education and training are essential for those who are seeking the most sought-after positions in the highly competitive hospitality industry.

ISHM is a Prestige name tag among top hospitality management institute in Kolkata. 

ISHM offers value-based quality education of International standard. The Institute's goal is to produce quality and well-groomed graduates for employment in hotels, tourism and service management positions at national and as well as at a global level. Students get to enhance their skills and techniques on all the fronts with special emphasis on operation and management. 

ISHM Kolkata is among the Best Hotel & Hospitality Management institute in Kolkata India. The college and its courses have been designed to teach promising and talented young girls and boys who want to take on the hospitality industry as their career. The whole gamut of hospitality and hotel operations is included in distinct fields under the equipped guidance of an educated and skilled group of faculty. ISHM strives to provide need-established official training to a multitude of young and aspiring hoteliers in the simulated atmosphere close to real existence.

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Our vision

To become prestigious multicultural hub of higher learning in Service Industry, offering state of the art programs and cutting edge research in partnership with the industries for sustainable growth of the region


Our mission

To develop highly qualified professionals who play leading roles in promoting the regions industrial competitiveness in its integration into the global economy.

From the Desk of Director



Welcome to ISHM

A unit of Kamal Kusum Education Foundation Trust


After many years of progress and total commitment to quality culinary education, we now have ISHM graduates from Bhutan, Nepal and India working in major hotels and restaurant chains locally, regionally and internationally.

ISHM gives flavours (Focus, Lead, Ambition, Vitalize, Optimize, Responsible, and Society) to every inspiring culinary in so many ways. Now firmly established as one of the most leading culinary school within the region, we always look forward to future with confidence and optimism in the hospitality and tourism sector. We will continue to progress and deliver to the industry the extra ordinary young professionals.

The Student Exchange Program, with opportunity to study abroad is an unique program in India and addresses concern of this fast growing industry by providing an International academic exposure and Internship opportunities in the best hospitality training destinations and other parts of the world so that excellence is met with the world standard.

This is a course that is very interesting and pragmatic in hospitality and tourism industry around the world. Basically, this course offers big opportunities in the job market. I can assure you that what you have selected is the best path. Just remember: “Do something today, that your future itself will thank you for”.

Hospitality is a business as complex as any, if not more so. Hospitality is the mother of all services. Most of us know that hotels are a business impacting the top and bottom line of owners and investors. But not everyone realize that this industry is a financial engine, broadly impacting local economies and supporting local communities. Almost every country is dependent on their Tourism and Hospitality industry to a big extent.

So, you should study this for a better future and career. Remember that you are studying because Hospitality is your passion. Just like it is mine!