B.Voc Degree in Health Care



Health Care Management

About B.Voc. Healthcare Management

Bachelor of Vocation in Healthcare Management, commonly known as B.Voc Healthcare Management is an undergraduate degree programme that deals with handling administrative tasks and managing a healthcare institute.

Every healthcare organisation requires professionals who can look after office operations, accounting, marketing, PR, inventory management, HR management, customer satisfaction and many such services. To fulfil these job roles, students are trained through B.Voc. Healthcare Management programme. After completing this course, a candidate will possess management skills and knowledge to carry out professional responsibilities with efficiency and effectiveness. 

B.Voc. Healthcare Management Career Options and Job Prospects


B.Voc. Healthcare Management course opens up a number of career opportunities for students. Some of the major employment areas that candidates can explore after completing the course are mentioned below.

  • Nursing Homes

  • Rehabilitation Centres

  • Healthcare Institutes

  • Government Hospitals

  • Private Hospitals

  • Private Clinics

  • Educational Institutes

  • Government Sectors 

Facilities and Training:

    B.Voc. Healthcare Management Syllabus


    Major subjects taught in B.Voc. Healthcare Management course are mentioned below. 

    • HR Management

    • Accounting

    • Hospital Functions

    • Medical Software

    • Front Office Operations

    • Communication Skills

    • Medical Terminology